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Join us for a Magical Journey to Mexico:
San Miguel de Allende and Butterfly Mountain

February 16 - 25, 2019

Join us for an extraordinary adventure of a lifetime! We will merge the best of art, food, history, culture, nature, adventure and spirituality into one brilliant holiday.

About Bonita

San Miguel is an art and culture capital of Mexico.

Located high in the mountains of Guanajuato, traditions of joyous living continue from generations past. The people of this beautiful and historic community embrace their historic, cultural and spiritual life by hosting continuous celebrations and festivals. Art studios, cafes, Shamanic gatherings, roving musicians, and beautiful public gardens are plentiful and welcoming.

Our 2018 Spring Tour will combine the awesome artistry of San Miguel de Allende with an amazing adventure to Michoacán to the mountain where the Monarch Butterfly Migration culminates.

We are only inviting an intimate group of about 10 guests to join us with this special excursion. We want to be sure that everyone has a truly wonderful time and enjoying this unique sojourn into the fantastic magic that is Mexico.


Magical Tour of San Miguel de Allende

Bonita Woods & Ursy Potter

Mother & Daughter Team
This mother-daughter team love to have fun together and look forward to sharing their joy of journey with you. Bonita Woods is an adventurously spiritual being who has spent her entire life traveling with Ursy Potter. For example, when Bonita was 13, Ursy sent her to Greece to live with Gypsies. Ursy, creative spirit and world renown digital photographer, has traveled the world many times. San Miguel is one of her favorite places that she returns to several times each year. Ursy looks forward to showing you the magic and wonder of Michoacán and San Miguel de Allende!

Your Guides

The Itinerary

​Friday, Day 1

Arrive at Casa Calderoni

We will arrive at San Miguel de Allende and stay at the lovely Casa Calderoni. This charming B&B's owners, Merry and Ben, look forward to sharing this lovely city's art culture with us. They curate several galleries, including their own and the famous Fabrica La Aurora.
Saturday, Day 2

LifePath Yoga Retreat & Food Tour

Following a dreamy breakfast, on our first morning we will enjoy a unwind at LifePath Yoga Retreat with your choice of joining with a guided yoga or meditation, or booking a massage or healing service. For lunch, we will enjoy a food tour with The Taste of San Miguel, sampling at a variety of local cafes while learning about the rich cultural history of this lovely town. Our first day will culminate with a delightful element of local magic. Don't forget to bring your swimsuits as we will dine in the underground thermal waters of The Mayan Baths.
Sunday, Day 3

The Great Cathedral

San Miguel is home to the great cathedral Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel. No matter what your beliefs, the Sunday service is an experience to enjoy. Conveniently within walking distance from Casa Calderoni, we will return via the Mercado de Artesanias. We will spend the rest of the day walking through the historic district and art community on "photo safari" with Ursy. Our evening will land us in the delectable Pueblo Viejo, famed for it's creative local cuisine, live music and local art.
Monday, Day 4

Fabrica La Aurora

A morning to relax and enjoy local cafes, museums and galleries. In the afternoon we will meet with local Shamans and Healers. Our evening will begin with a tour of local art studios, including a cocktail party with the artists at the historic Fabrica La Aurora.
Wednesday & Thursday, Days 6 & 7

Monarch Butterflies

We join with the best of nature for an overnight visit to Michoacán and the magical mountain where the Monarch Butterflies end their 2000 mile annual migration, this destination that has called them all the way from Canada. We will return to Casa Calderoni late Thursday night..
Friday, Day 8

The Thermal Pools of Escondido Place

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Saturday, Day 9

We Will Design This Day Together!

We will design this day together! There are so many wonderful events, constant festivals and extraordinary opportunities constantly revealing themselves in this dynamic city, we want to leave space for inspiration and impromptu adventure. Or maybe we want to return to a wonderful place. This day is for us to determine.
Sunday, Day 10

A Fun Final Morning

While we catch up on all our last minute items, remember that you want to leave at least 4 hours time for transportation and processing at the airport. Please book your flight home for afternoon departure so we can close our journey with a fun final morning.

Trip Cost

We are excited to offer this extraordinary adventure for an affordable price. Your cost includes room, all breakfasts, some lunches & dinners, organized events and transportation. Airfare is not included, but transportation to and from the airport in San Miguel, Mexico
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  • $1750 per person if paid in full by December 1, 2017
  • $1850 per person if paid in full between January 1 & February 1, 2017
  • $2000 per person if paid in full after February 1, 2017
50% non-refundable deposit
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